jueves, 28 de febrero de 2008


My students always ask for this game. They love it!

On the board I draw a very simple spiderweb and a spider. I put all the flashcards we are learning on the board and tell the children that we need to save them before the spider eats the words. I established 2 rules: I will ask one child and is that child the one that needs to answer, if someone else answers then the spider will automatically eat the word (of course, you may need to be a bit flexible with the younger children) -I had to establish this rule because the children kept calling out and it's proven quite efective - and the children that are not sitting properly don't get asked. Some times the spider eats the word when they get it wrong, but not always, lately I give the child the opportunity to try and save a second word and leave the flashcard on the board. Since the game needs to get moving I never asked the same child 2 words in a row, if they don't know the second word I move on to another child.

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